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Message from ADZU President


Warm greetings to Ateneans in North America in this 13th All-Ateneo Alumni Convention! 

As we say in Zamboanga: Buenas, Ateneans!

On behalf of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU) community, I thank you for choosing us as this convention’s special beneficiary. Your kind assistance since 2016 has helped us recover from the July 2016 fire, and rebuild our facilities better. Through your help, AdZU remains steadfast and strong in fulfilling its mission of education and social transformation in a region challenged by poverty and inter-religious conflict. By producing men and women doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, engineers, accountants, entrepreneurs, managers, and other professionals, we invest in long-term peace and development in Mindanao.

It is important for Ateneans to reconnect with each other and renew the unique Ateneo spirit. This is the Ateneo way of companionship and friendship. This is the Ateneo commitment to love, serve, and work for justice wherever we are in the world. This is the Ateneo passion to continue the journey of being men and women for others, pro Deo et patria.

To the Ateneo Alumni Association of North America and the Ateneo Alumni Association – San Diego, congratulations, and muchas gracias!


Message from ADMU President


On behalf of the Ateneo de Manila University, I would like to thank the Ateneo Alumni Association of North America and the Ateneo Alumni Association – San Diego for organizing and hosting the 13th All-Ateneo Alumni Convention.

 I thank you as well for adopting Ateneo de Zamboanga (ADZU) as this convention’s special beneficiary. As you may know, ADZU suffered from a fire that razed some of its buildings to the ground in 2016, the same year that the Jesuit Philippine Province decided to give strategic priority to our apostolic work in Mindanao. Your assistance in rebuilding ADZU is a wonderful way to participate in the Society’s mission of peace and inclusive and sustainable development for one of the more marginalized regions of the country. Your choice to support the rebuilding of the 1949 Brebeuf Gym participates in this mission to serve those at the margins of peace and development. The gym, after all, is named after St Jean de Brebeuf SJ, the French Jesuit missionary who left home to live with the Hurons in what is now Canada, learning their language, culture, and spirituality, and sharing with them the riches of our Christian faith and tradition.

In a world that is increasingly hyper-connected yet more divided than ever, a world that can be wary of the truth and strangers, we need to take to heart this gathering’s theme: “Re-engage and Continue the Journey.” However tempting it is to retreat to our echo chambers, I am hopeful that our gathering will be an opening for us to re-engage with fellow Ateneans, beloved mentors and Jesuits, to reconnect to our country, and journey together once more in the love and service of God and his people, ad majorem Dei gloriam.


Message from ADNU President


“Ateneo is in the heart.” We keep these words in mind as Ateneans from far and wide gather for the All Ateneo Alumni (AAA) Convention. It is another wonderful opportunity to rekindle the ideals and values nurtured in the classrooms, chapels, and playing fields of the Ateneo you attended. But it is also a time to be challenged, to examine how the fruits of your Ateneo education can be brought to bear upon the waiting, hopeful world that is our common home.

The world is rapidly changing. We have seen as much progress as there are problems. How do we respond to national and international challenges? How do we help the people still stranded in the margins? What can you contribute with your accumulated skills, knowledge, and resources? How do you keep the fire of St Ignatius burning in a world engulfed by apathy and injustice?

Once again we invite you to search from within, as Ateneans, to listen to that Voice which can lead you to do great things for the greater glory of God!

Mabuhay po kayong lahat. Dios Mabalos!


Message from Ateneo de Iloilo - Santa Maria Catholic School President


Dear  Ateneo Alumni Association of North America,

Pax Christi.
It is my honor and privilege to have been invited to your prestigious gathering!  With only two thousand students, I consider Ateneo de Iloilo – Santa Maria Catholic School (ADI-SMCS) still as a small school compared to the population and financial capacity of other “bigger” Ateneos. It is my joy therefore when you asked me to introduce the school and present some updates to you. It is in fact the joy of the whole school community  that this opportunity came on the school’s 60th birthday.

Truly, as ADI-SMCS enters this 60th Jubilee,  the school community resonated with the Psalmist who marveled at how he was minded despite his littleness. From only 9 students in 1958, God has blessed the efforts of the Jesuits expelled from China to build a school that is now forming “leaders who pursue excellence that is ignited by love and service.” Recently, God has once again proved his faithfulness and loving providence to our school as we finally transferred the Administration and Grade School building to our new campus in Mandurriao.  Interspersed between these spectacular signs of God’s guidance, are the simple but heartwarming stories of our alumni who continue to strive to make their work their prayer (Ora et Laora) and be men and women for others. These stories are sure signs from God that the School and the Jesuits have been true to their mission. These stories are our school’s treasure that we want to bequeath to our students so that they too can write their own stories of loving and serving God in all things—In omnibus amare et servire Domino

May this year’s gathering be a fruitful and enjoyable one for all of you. May your exchange of stories of victories in your life journeys ennoble your heart. May your common efforts in helping the Jesuits continue their ministry in education be truly be blessed by our Lord.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph Haw, S.J.

Message from XU President


During the past few years, all Ateneos in the Philippines, as well as all educational institutions in the country, are facing major transitions brought about by the implementation of the K-12 educational reform and the establishment of the country's first Senior High Schools. K-12 has also consequences on Higher Education: there will be new curricula for the core and for the professional courses. The changes are major, the challenges daunting. Always, these in-between times call for transformation and renewal.

As a global Atenean community, let us join our alma maters in responding to these external transitions with inner transformation and a renewal of ur commitment to and practice of our core Atenean values. Let the 13th All Ateneo Convention be a celebration, as well as a remembrance of who we are and what we are capable of as Ateneans. Let us expand our practice ofcura personalis(care for the whole person) and allow our hearts to receive others with personalities, cultures, and religions that differ from ours. Let us renew the Ignatian spirit ofmagis(more) by constantly seeking God's will in all that we do. Let us transform all our endeavors, ourselves and this world because we believe that God can truly be found in all things.



Message from AAANA President


It has been a tremendous honor and pleasure to be called upon to lead the Ateneo Alumni Association of North America (AAANA). I draw my inspiration, determination and energy from the dedicated and selfless fellow Ateneans who in similar capacity had pioneered and led this dynamic organization to its current progressive state. As it continues to evolve and expand its influence, AAANA aims to continue its noble goals of nurturing our relationships with our Ateneo schools back in our home country and giving back the blessings we all have reaped because of our Jesuit education.

The forthcoming All – Ateneo Alumni Convention allows us to have the opportunity to meet our long-lost schoolmates and their respective families, our great Jesuit mentors from across the Philippines and the leaders of the different Ateneo alumni chapter associations from all regions of the United States and Canada. We expect representations from alumni associations in Australia and the Philippines as well. It is the further goal of AAANA and the vibrant Ateneo Alumni Association of San Diego (AAA-SD) host chapter to bring as many of us all together in this momentous gathering to cement our bond as Ateneans, rekindle our friendships, promote camaraderie and affirm our cause of being truly real men and women for others.

As president of the Ateneo Alumni Association of North America, I welcome and look forward to seeing you all in San Diego, California!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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