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The Ateneans USA (Chicago) AUSA was organized in 1978 (39yrs ago) and was spearheaded  by 18 presidents. 

AUSA is a 501(3)c Tax Exempt Organization under the IRS Ruling and a Sales Tax Exempt under the Illinois Dept of Revenue;

Likewise AUSA is also registered with the Illinois Attorney General Office authorized to solicit and conduct fund-raising activities;

AUSA is in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State.


The focus and primary activity of AUSA is its Scholarship Program.

It has an endowment funds of $30,000 lodged and managed by Ateneo de Manila University and another $30,000 in Chicago. Only the interest earned from these funds are used for the tuition of the scholars; thereby, the principal balances remain intact.

On July 15, 2017 Saturday, AUSA had its Annual Summer Picnic and Induction of Officers and Directors. Deputy Consul Romolo Israel, based in Chicago and who  is also an Atenean, inducted the following officers:

Officers and Directors of Ateneans USA (Chicago) 2016-2018

President /Board Secretary: Jesse Farrales – AdMU;; 708-714-6747

Vice President: Dr. Jose delos Reyes – AdDU;; 224-280-5281

Treasurer: Edwin Manuel Chua – AdDU;; 708-407-6072

Auditor: Christine Rosal;; 262-237-1123

Director for Scholarship Program: Dr. Gina Omiotek;; 773-384-3284

Director for Media and Public Relations: Joe Mauricio;; 773-677-2707

Director for Photography and Videography: Marlowe Achanzar;; 773-656-7259

Charter Representatives from the Ateneo Schools:

  • Ateneo de Manila U - Leslie Anima and Manny Garcia, Jr.
  • Ateneo de Davao U - Felita Cajaleon 
  • Ateneo de Zamboanga U - Diana Grzesiaakowski and Mel Luna
  • Ateneo de Tuguegarao U - Marlowe Achanzar and Marvie Achanzar
  • Ateneo de Naga U – Roger Odiamar and Toni Blando
  • Ateneo de San Pablo – Chris Briones
  • Xavier University – Titus Olivenza and Marje Green
  • Xavier School – Joffre Farrales
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